Anabolic steroid, Анаболические стероиды, UFC-pharm


Anabolic steroid, Анаболические стероиды, UFC-pharm


The best news of the company



UFC Pharm is proud to announce that the broad line of products is now available on European markets.













We plan to extend our line of products by two interesting products. One is mibolerone better known as cheque drops. Smart users can pick up a lot of its good properties. But one should never forget about its dark sides. The second is methylstenbolone which provides solid lean muscle gains while keeping water retention to a minimum. It is most commonly used by lifters who are looking to gain some serious mass in a short space of time. After the popular superdrol (s-drol) became banned in the United States, many serious lifters turned to

Methylstenbolone as a replacement. The results are just as good and it’s considered much safer to take than s-drol.






We continue to deliver on our commitments to the customers who rely on us. We are focused on improving the way we do business; on operating with transparency in everything we do; and on listening to the views of all of the people involved.


Through working in partnership with everyone interested our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to innovative and quality products.


We are proud to present our new product line. Our main concern was the quality of the product. Our new line of products has the following features:

1)  It is extremely sterile and non-pyrogenic. We combine several methods of      sterilisation and removal of pyrogenes.

2)  We use pharmacopoeial ethyl oleate. This makes our production process more technological while final product becomes less viscous and more liquid than oil-based products. This is  very important for

even and painless distribution of an injected volume in the muscle tissue. Needless to say that quick and even distribution is important for prophylaxis of local inflammation.

3) We use as least as possible additional solvents. We went by this path to make our product less irritating on an injection spot. However

our thorough and thoughtful approach allowed to make our product resistant to precipitation as well.

4) At last but not the least we use pharmacopoeial recipes to produce our products. As an example we use 5% more of the substance in the

recipes to ensure that a customer receives no less than nominal content of active ingredient in the product.


We believe that you will appreciate our efforts on development and

production of this line of products!


UFC-Pharm team