About the company



UFC pharm was based as an innovative facility to fulfil the requirements of the UFC competitors. Today the range of our customers is much broader. Our product list includes only substances with a good working reputation. We enlarge our product line carefully according to the effectiveness of new substances, therefore we are acknowledged to be a top quality reliable manufacturer of performance enhancing substances.


Our employees are highly devoted to the process of creating excellent drugs. There is no need to say that we hire outstanding professionals only as we understand that excellent staff is excellent quality and constant development. We guarantee that our products are the best that our customer can find on the market of performance enhancing substances.



Attitude to quality



Quality is the must. We only work with USP substances with the purity no less than 99%. All raw material undergoes ingoing quality control. All produced products are subject of outgoing quality control. Our injections receive meticulous check on each stage. To produce a safe product we use mechanical and thermal sterilization and removal of pyrogens.


We do all this that customers  receive safe, active and effective products!


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